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Participant Disclaimer

To participate in any Revive&Thrive Getaways and Retreats® experience, all getaway and retreat participants must read and clearly understand the following disclaimer. There is no exception to this policy.

I, (Participant Full Name), acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions during my participation in the experience organized by Revive&Thrive Getaways and Retreats®:

  • Privacy and Respect: I will be mindful of the local community's privacy, refrain from intrusive photography, and respect the area's customs and culture.

  • Environmental Stewardship: I pledge to maintain environmental responsibility, disposing of waste properly and leaving no trace behind. When applicable, I will follow the guidelines to protect the natural beauty of our explored locations.

  • Group Respect: I will contribute positively to the group dynamic, fostering a spirit of camaraderie among fellow participants and respecting the leadership of local guides and activity directors.

  • Social Media Usage: I understand the potential impact of social media and will use it responsibly.

I affirm that I have read, understood, and agreed to abide by these guidelines to ensure a harmonious and respectful experience for all Revive&Thrive Getaways and Retreats® participants.

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